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 Mercury Stream
  Mercury Stream is the delayed or real time, unprocessed data stream receiving of financial data and news. You need to have the message format documents that Foreks use and the related technical support. After that, the coded Foreks data broadcast is analysed by Mercury Stream Server and delay is applied if necessary, after which the data stream is started by TCP/IP protocol. All the necessary operations for listening to the broadcasted data and processing it is done by authentic applications developed by your team.

Mercury Stream Data Contents

BIST: All the stocks and indices (superficial), TCMB(Central Bank) and Kapalicarsi (freemarket) exchange rates, TCMB summary data, international spot exchange rates, Istanbul Gold Exchange summary data, corporates Financial Statements and income tables, BIST bonds and repo markets superficial data, international indices.

Hukuki ?artlar
BIST index data, news, freemarket (Kapalicarsi), international forex rates are in real-time; BIST name and logo are protected under the "Protection of Trademark Certificate" and cannot be used, quoted or changed without permission. The copyrights of all information published under the name BIST belongs exclusively to BIST and cannot be republished.